Soccer Has A Long Road To Being Relevant In America

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Uncategorized
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 There is no denying that the world cup is a huge event that captivates the entire globe for a month.  Countries’ battling for the world’s most prestigious cup gathers attention from everyone.  This includes the most passionate fans to novice viewers like me.

When it comes to soccer or football it is the world’s number one sport. Well its number one everywhere except here in America. To say that soccer is on the backburner of American sports is an understatement.  It really isn’t on our radar. American football, baseball, and basketball are the three sports that generate the most attention here in the states.  How can one sport be so important to the rest of the world and be so irrelevant here?  I’m not sure of the answer, but I do know that soccer has a long way in becoming even somewhat important here.

When it comes to soccer I only watch the world cup.  I can’t seem to bring myself to watching soccer during any other time.  One would think that if I could watch a month long event that I could possibly watch the same sport throughout the year, right? Well, no I can’t do it.  In my opinion there are three reasons why soccer isn’t relevant here.  These may not being the only reasons, but I know someone feels the same way I do.

The Flops

 I can’t stand all of the flopping that goes on in soccer.  Consistently in every match there are several players that dive to the ground when they feel that they were fouled in the process of dribbling the ball.  What makes things even worse is that these players roll around writhing in agony seemingly in a tremendous amount of pain.  These flop jobs are attempts to get anything from a penalty kick, to a free kick, and even red and yellow cards.  Sadly some of these referees fall prey to these bad acting jobs and give in to these players.  I can’t stand watching this when some of these flops lead to goals which come at a premium in this game.  I know that there is flopping in basketball also and it annoys me in that sport too; however there is so much scoring involved in the game of basketball that this element is a relatively small concern to the sport.  Flopping will never go away, but referees need to do a better job in seeing these plays and either letting the play go or punishing the flopper rather than the innocent party.


 In soccer there isn’t a lot of scoring.  In some matches the teams don’t even score one goal.  What bothers me is just like when it seems that the match is going to get interesting a referee raises his hand signaling that a player was offside when he received the ball.  What’s more difficult about this call is that there isn’t a predetermined line for fans to see.  It’s all based on where the last defender is on the pitch.  I’m sure if I watched enough I would have a better understanding, but to me offside seems to take away opportunities for teams to score.


Matches That End In A Draw

 For the three major sports here in America there is a winner and loser for every game.  We know that regardless of what happens during the game that a winner will be determined in the end.  In soccer this isn’t always the case. If a winner isn’t determined at the end of ninety minutes then the match ends a draw.  What about the penalty kicks? That’s the one aspect of soccer that I really enjoy. It’s exciting, there is scoring back and forth, its instant action, and it doesn’t take that long.  I understand that in playoff or knockout situations there will be penalty kicks so why not transition that into an every match possibility? In America we want to see a winner.  We want to praise a winner and criticize a loser.  To me it seems that teams could simply just settle for draws if they know they aren’t as good as their opponents and they aren’t getting any opportunities to score.  I guess you can’t blame them because ultimately a draw is better than a loss.  In the end though regardless if it’s just a regular season match or not I want to see a winner.

 The sport of soccer has been around for a very long time.  These rules and principles have been in place long before I was ever thought of, however if there are some adjustments made to this game then they just might make a true fan out of me and millions of Americans.

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