The Beginning Of The End

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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The NFL is known as the National Football League but those initials have another alternate identification and that is “Not For Long.”  With only three weeks gone by in the season we’ve already seen plenty of changes among several teams within the league.

Just three weeks ago teams had aspirations and high hopes for the upcoming season.  Dreams of long playoff runs and super bowl titles are already in jeopardy in the minds of some fans for their respective favorite  football teams.

The Trent Edwards Era Is Now Over.

Four teams have already benched their starting quarterbacks from week 1(Buffalo, Carolina, Philadelphia, and Oakland) and the San Francisco 49ers have already fired their offensive coordinator. 

Teams haven’t even played 25% of their games and they have already made major changes.  I understand that there is only 16 games in a season and each games is important but if major changes are needed in just week 3 it sounds like desperate attempts to salvage mistakes made in the preseason.

Solid football teams don’t make drastic changes after just the third game into the season.  I don’t remember New England firing their defensive coordinator after a couple of games and I can’t recall the Indianapolis Colts benching their quarterback after a few games either.

Bruce Gradkowski

I’m not saying that teams should stay aboard a sinking ship; however I am saying that teams should have these things straighten out before the season starts.  Teams have all winter and spring to figure out what is best for their team and make the necessary adjustments in order to be successful during the regular season.  Making drastic changes after just a few weeks shows a fundamental flaw that should have been addressed in the offseason. 

Another cliché that runs throughout NFL circles is that “The NFL is a week to week league.” Maybe these weekly changes can help teams find the formula to a successful season.


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