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              When the Cavaliers were unexpectedly bounced out of the playoffs recently it prematurely started the “LeBron Watch.” What is the best fit for Lebron? Where will Lebron play next year?  Along with that come those annoying rumors from the anonymous sources who claim to be “close” to Lebron. All of these questions are interesting for all of about one day. After just one day all of  these talks become pointless and annoying because all of it is just pure speculation.  Lebron can’t sign with a new team until July 1st, but unfortunately we now live within a 24/7 news cycle so it will be hard to escape any news on him for the next six weeks or so.

            To make matters worse there is now speculation on who will be coaching Lebron.  John Calipari, Mike Krzyzewski, Doc Rivers, and Phil Jackson have all been named as potential candidates to coach Lebron. Chicago and New Jersey have long been the rumored destinations for Lebron.  These teams along with his current team in Cleveland all have coaching vacancies at the moment and will be looking to fill these positions in the near future.  My question is why anyone would think that any of these four coaches would be serious candidates? How about candidates at all?

Does Lebron Have The Ability To Choose His Next Head Coach?

         First, all of these coaches are currently employed.  So they would have to quit their current job and then wait to see if one of previously mentioned teams will offer them the coaching position.  Is this taking place before or after Lebron signs a contract?

         Second, look at the names of all these candidates and their situations.  These coaches have big names, but unique circumstances. Calipari has been at Kentucky for one year and failed miserably in his past NBA coaching experiences.  Krzyzewski has a great resume in the college ranks, but has never been a coach in the NBA. Rivers is coaching one of the best teams in basketball with the Celtics and Jackson has arguably the best team in the NBA with a core nucleus of players that will be in LA for the next few years.  Why would Rivers and Jackson leave their championship contending teams to coach Lebron on an unproven team?  Who in their right mind thinks any of these guys will be the next coach for Lebron?

Why Would Phil Leave LA?

          The point is no one knows who will be coaching Lebron next year. He could very well sign with a team that already has an established coach.  All of these media outlets are trying to draw attention themselves by just saying anything with “Lebron James” attach to it. I’m sure for the next several weeks we will hear more coaches names attached to Lebron along with rumors as to where he might sign.

         What is unfortunate is that until Lebron signs a contract on July 1st all of the speculation will continue. It’s going to be a long summer.