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The NFL has just reached the first quarter mark of the season. For many fantasy football owners who are currently struggling in their leagues this is the time to ask themselves “Do I stay patient and wait for some these players who haven’t produce to come around? Or, should I try to trade some of my guys to try and improve my team?”

Although the season may seem like it just started don’t forget that for many fantasy leagues  their playoffs begin in week 13. So for many people the halfway mark is approaching fast. It’s probably coming even faster for those individuals who are at the bottom of their league standings.

It isn’t quite  panic time yet; however a team can’t afford too fall too far behind the team with the last spot in the playoffs. It’s important to stay at least within 100 points of that team.

Arian Foster is the biggest surprise so far this fantasy season

 It’s never too early a make a trade. It’s important though to apply good trading principles and research all of the players targeted in the potential trade.

 This is important if an owner wants to receive good value for a pick. If your roster has four good running backs please trade one of them now! A running back is only as valuable as his last game. One game could diminish his value not only because of production but also because of  injuries. Trade one of those running backs and try to boslter the depth of your roster with another potential good player.

There is also an opportunity for an owner to try and trade for an underachieving player.  There are many of these players that are out there that are available on many fantasy teams.  Many owners are frustrated with these underachievers lack of production and they are willing to part ways with these individuals for the right price.  This is a great time to inquire about these players since normally the asking price would be too high.

Fantasy owners should feel really good if they own Peterson

  If you decide to trade for one of these players make sure you do your homework! Find out why they are not producing and look the rest of their schedule to see if they have any favorable matchups.  If they do and you feel like they will  produce  up your standards eventually then by all means get them on your team!

Another element that many fantasy owners miss out on is the waiver wire. This is a huge part of the game that should be watched on a consistent basis. Many of these players are often overlooked until they have a good game and then they are gone.  There are many hidden gems available right now!

 Perfect example; last year my team was struggling at the wide receiver position. None of my starters were putting up any decent stats on a week to week basis. I needed a wide receiver really bad. Miles Austin was slept on and forgotten about for many fantasy owners. It wasn’t until he had one  breakout game early last year that people really paid attention to him.

Peyton Hillis has been fantasy football treasure found on the waiver line

 Immediately after the game I went to add him to my team and but it was already too late.  He was already claimed by another owner. That haunted me for the rest of the season as I watched him soar up the league standings with a player from the waiver line.  After this I vowed to never let this happen again and so now I religiously watch that waiver line.  Don’t let this same mistake happen to you.

Don’t hesitate to make the right move that could steer your team in right direction.  Make the right trades, research favorable matchups for your team, and watch the waiver line. Follow these tips and you should stay in contention for the fantasy league championship all year long.


The NFL is known as the National Football League but those initials have another alternate identification and that is “Not For Long.”  With only three weeks gone by in the season we’ve already seen plenty of changes among several teams within the league.

Just three weeks ago teams had aspirations and high hopes for the upcoming season.  Dreams of long playoff runs and super bowl titles are already in jeopardy in the minds of some fans for their respective favorite  football teams.

The Trent Edwards Era Is Now Over.

Four teams have already benched their starting quarterbacks from week 1(Buffalo, Carolina, Philadelphia, and Oakland) and the San Francisco 49ers have already fired their offensive coordinator. 

Teams haven’t even played 25% of their games and they have already made major changes.  I understand that there is only 16 games in a season and each games is important but if major changes are needed in just week 3 it sounds like desperate attempts to salvage mistakes made in the preseason.

Solid football teams don’t make drastic changes after just the third game into the season.  I don’t remember New England firing their defensive coordinator after a couple of games and I can’t recall the Indianapolis Colts benching their quarterback after a few games either.

Bruce Gradkowski

I’m not saying that teams should stay aboard a sinking ship; however I am saying that teams should have these things straighten out before the season starts.  Teams have all winter and spring to figure out what is best for their team and make the necessary adjustments in order to be successful during the regular season.  Making drastic changes after just a few weeks shows a fundamental flaw that should have been addressed in the offseason. 

Another cliché that runs throughout NFL circles is that “The NFL is a week to week league.” Maybe these weekly changes can help teams find the formula to a successful season.

The NFL Draft was held this past weekend New York.  Lifelong goals and dreams of playing NFL was fulfilled. The NFL teams that selected these players are confident that the player will become caliber of players at their respective positions. 

As much hype as the draft receives it is very instrumental in the success of a team.  The draft allows teams to draft college football players to fulfill the needs of necessary positions.  This process however can be a gift and a curse.  Teams can be rewarded by selecting a player like Peyton Manning. The former first overall pick has become one of the best quarterbacks in league history by winning many games, setting numerous passing records, and winning a Super Bowl for his organization. On the other hand, failed first round selections can be the curse of any organization.  Look at Kentucky Wildcat alum Tim Couch.  In 1999,” Couch signed a 7 year contract for $48 million” (King, 1999). He rewarded the team by going out and becoming one of the biggest busts in NFL history.  He was cut after just four seasons in Cleveland.

Tim Couch had the potential to be great. He never lived up to the expectations

The draft can be an enigma.  Players that are projected to be selected in the first round are supposed to be destined for stardom. Sometimes this happens, but other times they fail miserably and become punch lines to jokes. Then there are players selected in the later rounds with no expectations and then they become superstars.

The 1st round draft picks can be the most intriguing.  These are the players that generate the most notoriety and the most hype.  Along with this they command millions of dollars.  They all were college All- Americans and they dominated their opponents and now they will take their skills and attempt to prove themselves on the professional level.   With their attributes and intangibles these players have the potential to flourish in the league and earn numerous accolades and awards right? Not necessarily.

First, I don’t care for the word potential.  Scratch that I don’t like the word potential at all! To me potential is an excuse as to why a player isn’t where he needs to be right now.  People use the word to try and sell a person on a particular player and make them sound even better.  It’s come to a point now where potential is being used along with other abilities. For example, “This wide receiver is great I’m telling you! He has great hands, great speed, and he has potential!  The last time I checked potential doesn’t score touchdowns and doesn’t win football games.  Tangible talent that people can see is what makes fans buy tickets and wins football games.

Potential is just a better word for hope.  Think about it.

 Look I hope to be a millionaire one day. I hope to have mansion next to the beach with chefs preparing all of the meals for my family.  That sounds nice but there is no guarantee that those situations will ever happen for me. Hope or potential is what these NFL teams are banking on for these college athletes.  Look I understand that almost of these players will need time to develop.  A team can’t expect a college player to step in and dominate like they did in college.  They need to adjust to the speed of the game and learn the perspective playbooks of their side of the ball. I completely understand this, however if I am NFL team and I’m selecting a player in the first round I am going to select the player that I am confident will excel at his position once he adjusts to playing at the professional level.

Look the at the 2005 NFL draft.  The top two project players in that draft were quarterbacks Alex Smith and Aaron Rodgers.  There wasn’t a huge difference in talent between them.  Some people liked Smith better and others liked Rodgers.  One small element that people saw in Smith was potential.  Smith was a couple years younger than Rodgers and felt that in the long run Smith would be the better quarterback.  The same people that felt this way thought that Rodgers had already peaked in his career and didn’t think that he would develop into much better quarter back then he already was in college.  Ultimately Smith was selected with the first overall pick to San Francisco and Rodgers was selected later in the first round by the Green Bay Packers.  Potential wasn’t the main reason why Smith was chosen over Rodgers, however it was element that discussed by experts and other teams. 

Currently, Alex Smith is viewed by many as a bust and Aaron Rodgers has developed into a top tier quarterback in the league by already participating in the Pro Bowl and leading his team into the playoffs. Potential is a dangerous word.

49ers fans are would love to Rodgers in San Francisco.

These first round selections costs too much money have to the word “potential” attach to it.  If these picks don’t live up to their potential then the organization will be out of a lot of money and a few members within the organization can potentially lose their jobs.  In order for teams to have success in the draft they need to eliminate any thoughts of potential and rely on confidence in selecting players.

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